Micronora 2018 : Discover Calixta and its 3D camera from september 25th to 28th in Besançon


Micronora 2018 : Discover Calixta and its 3D measurement capabilities in Besançon from september 25th to 28th

After The Simodec trashow -where Calixta won two awards for its innovative aspect last march- and the EPHJ fair in Geneva in June, Expertise Vision will attend the Microtechnology International Exhibition in Besançon, from september 25th to 28th.

We will demonstrate the inspection and sorting machine Calixta on our booth (Hall C - Stand 505), as well as its 3D camera.

Learn more about the Calixta :

Calixta3 is a vision (OR optical) based sorting and inspection machine designed for the production of micro-technical parts manufactured in medium and large batches (in the fields of connectors, watchmaking, automotive, medical, etc.). This third generation allows a high measurement accuracy up to 0.1μm and a great versatility, both in terms of geometries of the parts to be controlled (paver, cylinder, elongated, router, etc.) than inspections carried out. Indeed the use of standard and universal patented measuring stations enables a high level of versatility. The machine could be equipped with one up to three measuring stations, each of them could be carrying a mechanical installation among the: "V", "L" or rotary station.


The robotic technology of the Calixta3 is integrating a vibratory disk feeder ( called PVR) that ensures fast series changes, reliability and securing no jamming. Our PVR patented technology is associated with a fast Pick & Place. The robot vacuum gripping respects the fragility of the parts, allows a regular rate of 1000 to 12000 pieces per hour and an impressive inspection and control capacity. With high versatility, it picks and places part from 1mg up to 100g mass within the same machine, by changing one single tool set only !


Our machine vision and optics technology: for geometrical measurement and external appearance each station can be equipped with one to four 2D cameras. Imaging : several hundred acquisitions per piece are made in seconds (slow versions), up to a few hundredths of a second for the fastest. In addition (New) Calixta3 allows the integration of 3D cameras for the measurement of the internal geometry as well as  surface roughness. Calixta machine has a practical and recognizable design.


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