Expertise Vision becomes Heliotis’ 3D cameras official integrator


Expertise Vision and Heliotis, 3D camera manufacturer, are working together since 2015. 4 years and lots of projects later, the partnership is formalized with the swiss company.

June, 18th 2019, Expertise Vision became official integrator of Heliotis systems in France and french-speaking Switzerland. Besides, Expertise Vision will distribute Heliotis’ full range on these same areas.

« We are really happy to announce, here in Geneva at the EPHJ fair, our partnership with Heliotis. Says Emmanuel bassy, founder of Expertise Vision « As vision expert and inspection and sorting machines manufacturer, we’re really concerned about getting our clients -watch manufacturer, medical, automotive and aeronautics industries- the best solution of automated control : innovating, reliable and based on their needs.  Heliotis 3D technology allows that. »

Some very interesting synergies exists between know-how and products of both companies. Our products Calixta3 and Coesio can integrate those cameras for enhanced measurements.

Those 3D cameras work by interferometry and allow high accuracy depth measurement, below 0,1µ. Coupled with robotic system and optic expertise of Expertise Vision, it brings new measurement possibilities, as inner geometry.

The 3D technology requires a specific know-how in programming, and that is what Expertise Vision is good at ! The team develop tridimensional measurement software so that it’s more accessible and efficient to the clients.

Heliotis’ 3D technology coupled with Expertise Vision machines won several prices last year, as the Micron d’Or at Micronora Fair or the jury’s price at the Simodec.